A Social Justice Gathering-Place

Agora means “a gathering place.” In ancient Rome and Greece, it referred specifically to the marketplace:  a place where people come together to share and exchange things that were important to them.

In Portuguese, it means “now”.

So what is this “Agora” about

This is a gathering space where we share information, build knowledge and reflect on social justice topics that are close to our hearts. This is a space where we say it is time to take action, Now!

It is a space where we grapple with the complexities of bringing a new reality to a broken world. It is a space where we aim to redress racial, gender and economic inequalities, address gender-based violence and substance recovery, reflect on matters of the environment, faith and leadership. In short, it is a gathering place where we come together and share what is important to us, where we reflect on how we “do life”.

We believe these things matter! Therefore this website will focus on resources and reflections for individuals and groups on:

  • Gender Matters
  • Recovery Matters
  • Leadership Matters
  • Faith Matters 
  • Environment Matters
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What We Believe

Agora strives to create a more inclusive, outspoken and equal world for all.

 We believe everyone is equal and should be treated equally irrespective of their race, age, gender, social or economic status.

 We believe everyone should be afforded equal opportunities. 

 We believe diversity amongst people should be embraced through honest conversations.

 We believe discrimination should never be tolerated.

 We believe that together we can create a Brave New World.

The person “behind” Agora

With over 35 years’ experience in both faith-based and NGO sectors, Xana McCauley dreams about providing spaces for conversations about everyday realities in our societies. She facilitates workshops and group discussions on diversity and GBV (Gender-Based Violence).

Xana often speaks and consults as a gender equality expert, facilitates workshops, leadership development and proofreads written content.  

Xana is also a member of the following organisations and campaigns:


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