Go for the gold

Written by: Stacey Moyo

The Young Adults iConnect camp held last year was a huge success! The Young Adults Ministry is led by Ps Wayne Chafunya at Rhema Bible Church. In the course of the weekend, the campers were split into four huge teams, to scramble for victory in a series of games. It was, however, the tug-of-war that caused the most stirring.

Here is how it all started: in the first round two teams were prepared to bring on the competition; ready in their positions, and seconds before the camp instructor blew his whistle, the guys glanced at their opponents with no fear for they were a group of mere girls! The assumption was clear: girls are weaker than guys and a win was guaranteed. The whistle goes off! They begin to lose ground…panic! What is wrong here? Suddenly it’s all over…the girl team has won! Surprised and discouraged everyone decides that they need a new strategy. Together they deliberate and agree to re-shuffle the teams with a mix of girls and guys. The outcome was incredible! Better competition and much more fun. A balanced team and good strategy in unity went for the gold! When guys and girls work together the results are greater. We declare that the battle of the sexes must come to an end! Going for gold is more than winning a competition – it is all about teamwork and empowerment.

Don’t generalise and claim that guys are always stronger than girls considering that the physical barrier is becoming shorter. Today girls are encouraged to be sporty, fit and competitive.

We are living in impressive times where girls believe in who they are, empower themselves and are developing great attitudes about their worth. Here is a takeaway – whether you are a guy or a girl, you can work with the opposite sex. In unity far greater accomplishments are achieved; on the other hand, in a war, we all fall and fail.

Choose to go for gold!

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